Our Industry Focus is centered on Companies that manufacture and offer services for the emerging markets in wireless telecommunications. These companies manufacture components and hardware, as well as develop software and provide services in the wireless communications industry.

Our Macro approach starts off with a quantitative analysis to a universe of over 400 stocks. We track several metrics for companies by industry subset. We develop a comparative analysis model, which leads us to our valuation and rating.

Our fundamental research approach is Graham and Dodd meets Peter Lynch. We look at technology from our own perspective and how they improve our lives. When we get personally excited about a technology we watch trends to see if consumers are adopting. We like to see technologies pursuing standardization and business alliances that share strong distribution. We pay special attention to the fundamentals of the companies bringing the products. We also look for sound business models backing the technology.

We couple our quantitative approach with fundamental analysis. We look at capital structures, cash flows, and the ability for a company to sustain their business model. We only publish on companies that pass our quantitative and fundamental tests.

To determine entry and exit points we employ a proprietary RSI (Relative Strength Index) and MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) analysis.


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